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Mice can enter a home from even the smallest hole or opening. If the hole is large enough for a pen to fit through mice can easily enter. They enter homes to find sources of food and water. They frequent areas that have food water or both. Most common mouse sightings occur in and around kitchens for that reason. They build their nests in walls, under floor boards and in attics, always in close proximity to food and water sources.

Mice are practically blind. They travel by following the scent trails of other mice or small animals. Once they enter your space they can multiply very quickly if left at their own devices. If you have mouse feces, small dark brown or black pellets, chances are you have a problem. While there are many diy options available, they are not as effective as having a professional do the job. First, over-the-counter solutions are much less potent than what a licensed exterminator has access to. Properly trained technicians know where and how to place bait stations or traps to help eradicate a mouse population faster and more effectively.

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